At Frusion we come across many bands whose members come from many places sometimes in the same band but rarely does this really work, well in this case we can certainly say it does and wow with what style.. Barcelona is of course a melting pot we know well from years of working with bands from this great city .. and now we work with the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra in multiple territories in co-operation with Diggers Music.

As musicians and singers from Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland, England, Russia, Serbia, India, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Iran and Israel gave their contribution to the never-ending story, the BGKO brings Klezmer, Gipsy and Balkan music to all generations of Barcelona.

Nevertheless, the interaction became mutual and the city became a melting pot with so many different styles and cultures to embrace, so many ears to play for, and so many dancing feet to move.

BGKO brings Catalan traditional songs to oriental rhythms, Gipsy swing to Eastern Europe, Cuban revolutionary songs to Balkan rhythms and hot Balkan and Klezmer music to the core of the Mediterranean popular scene, always looking for the authenticity and magic that legends left us.

The pot is cooking, the feast has just begun!

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Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra