When Frusion was first asked to look at this we were amazed to find an artist both unique and really exciting .. so please read on and then having listed to the tracks, watched the videos please drop us an email .. we'll be touring this unique artist regularly, for now here is Maļa's short bio.

Brought up on a dog's back until age of six believing that it was her mother!

Born as the daughter of a French singer-songwriter, actor, producer, Pierre Barouh, and a Japanese artist painter, Maļa started travelling all over the world with her family from her childhood, while shuttling between Paris and Tokyo, and got familiarized with multicultural music beyond various genres. In those days, the stages around the world were playgrounds for her.

At the age of sixteen, Maļa joined a big band as a flutist in Vancouver, Canada, where she experienced the zest coming from the joy of creating sounds with many players, found the real pleasure of music, and made up her mind to be a professional musician.

At the age of eighteen, she joined a Japanese Chin Don band (traditional street band) as a saxophonist and started her professional career as a musician. Since 2005 she has created a revue tour called "Cabaret Shinjuku" in order to present the most eccentric Japanese artists in France. In October 2007 she produces a compilation album entitled "Kusamakura" to introduce this new Japanese scene.

In the spring of 2007, Maļa started her solo activity with her world/electric trio.
With powerful musicianship and instinct free from any kind of limitation by national borders, she is expanding the range of her expression and reaching out to the world.

She is now in her second country, France to live new adventures with producer Martin Meissonnier. The new project is a mixture of traditional Japanese chants with electronic music.

Email me: , or call +44(0) 7791 699889 to book.