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We've now agreed worldwide coverage for this truly amazing band featuring two members of groundbreaking Warsaw Village Band this takes it to yet another level in jaw dropping music and R.U.T.A. from Warsaw we have one such band.

Imagine, if you will, a band playing acoustic instruments from early music strings and percussion to double bass and reeds and a chorus of immense power.... With the raw power of the early Pogues but fronted by legendary Polish punk rock singers from the 80s and later. Their lyrics drawn from the middle ages are as relevant today as ever they were, dealing as they do with the inequalities of life, of workers being exploited by feudal lords and, well let us just say there is a resonance with what's happening in today's world.

It might be worth describing R.U.T.A. as a mediaeval Clash meets the Sex pistols and all of this drawn from real Polish roots with one hell of a sound. Featuring one member of ground breaking Polish band Warsaw Village Band, we urge you as much as we can to book this band for your venue.
You will not we assure you be disappointed, in fact we'll be very surprised if you're not completely blown away. In 2011 the band release their debut album 'Gore' .. though it only hints at the live show, its one hell of a hint!

R.U.T.A. is the initiative of Maciek Szajkowski, current leader of Warsaw Village Band, and based on archaic lyrics from peasant songs of revolt against a exploitative feudal system. Top Polish rock vocalists were invited to take part in the band: Pawel "Guma" Gumola (Moskwa), Robert "Robal" Matera (Dezerter), Nika (Post Regiment) and Hubert "Spiety" Dobaczewski (Lao Che). The music, performed on archaic (medieval fiddle, Plock fiddle), acoustic (bass clarinet, saw, double bass) and traditional (saz, baraban drum, violin, polish frame drum) instruments, played by a great ensemble of polish folk musicians from Warsaw Village Band, Rivendell, Mosaic and Macko Korba.

"Album of the decade in Polish musicÓ" Max Cegielski, TVP Culture, 27.03.2011

"Anyone looking for real Polish blues should listen to GORE! from R.U.T.A." Filip Lobodzinski, Newsweek Polska 12/2011

"Since People's Spring by Warsaw Village Band I have not listen such an inspiring album that uses folk sounds. **** " Bartek Chacinski, Polityka 12/2011

"Acoustic arrangements on archaic instruments are more powerful than present rock." Rafal Ksiezyk, Playboy Polska 3/2011

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