Hi, Ian here, Frusion's owner

Pleased you made it through Frusion's main web site the photo not my best side though at least it gives you some idea of who you're talking to, emailing or maybe meeting and features the fuel I depend on .. coffee!

Through the years we've focused on world and fusion musics but Frusion is so much more now, we cover some indie, some alternative, Electro, and all points in between, in fact you'll find high quality innovative Jazz, some classical and much much more in fact you'll even find dance and other projects within the site, its all there to explore and now's the time to join us in our audio and other adventures.

We now have a presence in 4 international locations, our base in the UK of course in Derbyshire, in Vienna, Prague and Warsaw ... with partner agencies across Europe you want to check out the partners then just go to www.Frusionmatrix.com where we can access an even broader range of artists to bring you what you need or if you want to really dig deep you can check out the extensive media services we offer to artists at www.frusionmedia.com

Since we started at frusion some years ago we've always gone with new media as the best way forward, so although you will see video in our on site archives you'll actually see a video playlist on every artists page regularly updated via youtube, also do take a long look at our youtube channel at www.frusionyoutube.com there you will find a massive archive of superb videos and ideas for your programming,or have a listen to the Frusion radio while you browse the site if you just fancy some sounds just click listen at the top right of any page.

Importantly you'll see from the mission statement what Frusion is about in terms of providing a full and extensive service both to the promoter and to the artists with whom we work.

Mostly we send digitally these days but should you need CDs, press packs, photographs or biographies of any of our artists, we can supply them, and quickly!

In fact anything you need in order to come to an informed decision about who or what best fills your event needs.

I've been involved in the music industry for many years as musician, festival & event promoter, PA & lighting engineer, and worked as arts centre programmer, and continue to work with the UK Musicians Union (MU) Folk, Roots and Traditional music and as a freelance site/stage manager and compère at festivals and events worldwide. Hey, I even perform sometimes! The reason I'm telling you this on the front page of the site is this, I know from all aspects of the industry what makes for a successful concert/event. I know what you need because I've been there and in fact still am.

The bottom line is that at Frusion we have extensive experience from all areas of the entertainments industry, know what you want and how best to deliver it; we promise clear unbiased expert advice, and in the highly unlikely situation where we can't cover your needs....

We will from time to time recommend other agencies and acts we don't represent - why? - because we firmly believe in providing an unbiased service and a very strong belief in working together with others to provide great entertainment. No question!!!

Satisfaction guaranteed

Ian Smith, Dir. Frusion music international

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